Ad Finem Illum

(Pastor's Monthly Newsletter)

Don't let a little Latin frighten you. Ad Finem Illum means "To that end." A Lutheran pastor, writing in the 19th century in North America, wrote that the end (meaning: goal) of the ministry was the salvation of souls and their edification in the Christian faith. In a day and age when the end of the ministry is often considered to be increased budgets, bigger buildings, and more people in the pews, this serves as a reminder that the true goal of the ministry is men being saved by faith in Christ and that faith be strengthened through the Word and Sacraments. For more on "Ad Finem Illum" see Volume 1, Issue 1. Check back here on the first Sunday of each month for the latest nugget that serves the true end of the ministry: the building up of our faith in Christ.

Holy Cross Lutheran Church - Kerrville, TX