Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Kerrville, TX began 
as a mere handful of Christians meeting in various
homes in worship services conducted by the Rev.
W. H. Bewie, Field Secretary of Missions of the
Texas District-Missouri Synod, from Austin.  As
membership grew, the Rev. Henry Schroeder came
to serve as resident minister 1945-48, officially
organizing the congregation June 7, 1946.

In 1946 the present property was acquired, a used barracks building was moved into place, and worship services held on the church’s own land; the first unit of the permanent facilities was erected. On October 1, 1950 the present church building was dedicated to the service and glory of God.  In May 1954 the Schuh Memorial Building was built and dedicated, both as gifts from Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Schulz; 1983-85 school/office buildings were remodeled, the last wing dedicated in 1988.
Through the years, Holy Cross has been served by a number of dedicated pastors:
the Rev. A. B. Wagner (1948-1971);
the Rev. Steve Kappler (1972-1988); the Rev. Ahlert Strand, associate pastor (1985-1989);
the Rev. Rolf Larsen (1989-2004);
and the part-time services of the Rev. Richard Snyder (2004-2008). 

In 2008, our Lord Jesus Christ, through the congregation called the Rev. Joshua Sullivan as Pastor.
A Christian Day School was opened in the Fall of l947, with additional classrooms added as needed.  During the years of service in the Lord’s Kingdom, our school was blessed with dedicated principals and teachers.
In the past years, God has abundantly blessed Holy Cross, where the Divine Service of Christ's Word and Sacraments have been faithfully administered to the comfort and strengthening of the faithful.  It is to our heavenly Father’s glory that we give thanks for all blessings of the past.

In the summer of 2011, Pastor Sullivan and the congregation decided to sever ties with the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. The LCMS had, throughout the course of time, changed its doctrine and practice, no longer confessing the entire apostolic doctrine (Acts 2:42) and abandoning the historic practices of confessional Lutheranism which teach and confess the apostles' doctrine. After a brief period of being independent from a church affiliation, Pastor Sullivan joined the Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America (ELDONA).

The Triune God continues to bless Holy Cross with His pure Gospel of the forgiveness of sins in both Word and Sacrament. We give thanks to the Lord for the rich history He has given us even as we look forward to the promised blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ in this life and the life of the world to come. 

Our History

Holy Cross Lutheran Church - Kerrville, TX